Hydroсarbon 8 (UK) LTD – Evolution of Oil & Gas company

Hydrocarbon 8 (UK) LTD (hereinafter – Company) is an independent oil and gas project management company engaged in the exploration and development of crude oil and natural gas properties. The Company has plans to finalize acquisition of highly promising projects in its portfolio with cumulative reserves of 217 mln BOE (2P) and looks for the acquisition and development of highly promising upstream petroleum opportunities around the world with particular focus on the North Africa, Middle East, Asia and CIS countries. The Company has developed its own unique in-house technology for oil & gas (hydrocarbon) prospecting.

Our mission

Revolutionize way of financing emerging industry for the future – create value for investors

Being on the front end of the emerging industry we utilize the most advanced approaches both in development of our assets (i.e. low cost exploration of the most promising areas using our in-house proprietary exploration technology and cost efficient development of the fields up to full scale production which we have the experience of and had been proved in practice) and in financial world. 

Company’s objectives

The Company’s objective is to identify technically sound prospective new and underdeveloped oil and gas projects in frontier areas making low-cost entry possible. As of today the Company indicative acquisition pipeline includes highly promising projects with total volume of reserves/resource up to 217 mln BOE (including indicative assumption of Egypt opportunities). We are constantly seeking for special cases and distress opportunities in the industry, aiming to maximize upside potential for the investors. The Company intends to provide investors access to the highly profitable and aggressive early stage investments in the universe of the oil and gas industry.

Business Model

The Company aims  to deliver shareholder value through oil exploration, appraisal and development activities as well as through relevant M&A deals.

Our strategy

The key points of our Company strategy can be summarized as follows:

    • Constantly seeking for special cases and distress opportunities that enable low cost entry;
    • Identify prospective oil and gas properties;
    • Enter into definitive acquisition agreement;
    • Conduct selective exploration activity in parallel with reevaluation and reassessment of all the reserves;
    • Develop and enlarge our reserves and resource base;
    • Maintaining high degree of operational control;
  • Monetize Company’s value for investors through a merger or sale to strategic partners.